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We welcome you to our home café that offers comfortable vibes and healthy taste. We bring fresh vegetables and fruits from the farm and put it right into our pans! With rejuvenating juices, healthy mixes, salads and plenty of options for a rich and hearty meal, we are here to add more sunshine to your sunny days.

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A beautiful café with pleasing décor and homely vibes, this beautiful spot in Beirut's hip area of Mar Mikhael is offering a select range of healthy snacks, coffee, juices, breakfast dishes, nourishing lunch bowls and signature cocktails. Not just well-prepared and wholesome food, we are also offering a retail section providing an exclusive selection of everyday food items that can be shared with friends and family at home, especially on special occasions. Visit us and start your day with a breakfast mess, along with a choice of detox drink or coffee followed by a healthy bowl or curry and calling it a day with a bite of sweet gratification.


Life is what you bake out of it, we are here to make sure that yours tastes sweet.

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  • Alexander Fleming, Beirut, Lebanon