Mamas house rules

Vision: to provide a place everyone considers home

Comfort: furniture and decor
Good vibes: great music and harmonious and friendly team
Efficient: practicality – availability of electronics, books, and practical needs you have at home
Pet friendly: bring your pet a long – we offer pet treats and water
Creativity: the environment and our line of goods and menu are unique and creative Modern and Expressive space: Feels like a warm yet modern home, you can doodle on the plate mats, you can participate in quotes (competition for best quote, a new dish, and winner will get his/her name for the dish and the product – plus free meals for 1 week?)
Wholesome food – healthy, seasonal, and delicious

Team Identity:

Approachable, friendly: we smile at everyone who comes through the door. Eye contact and greet genuinely. We address people by their first names.
Positive energy with sense of humor: we are light and we don’t take ourselves too seriously
Engaging and outspoken: we can carry a smart conversation and our communication is clear
Trendy: stylish – strong walk, well groomed
Young and old: age range: 20 - 65
Responsive and attentive: we notice each guest, we attend to each one on time, and we recognize any needs pro actively.
Interested: we know what’s cooking, how we make our food, drinks, and what we sell. We know how long they’ll wait for their requests and make sure they do too.

How we roll at HSH:

We are flexible: No is not a word we use at HSH. We consider all requests, feedback, and suggestions.
We listen: We understand the needs of our guests, and if not we make sure we do and we accommodate to those needs.
We are attentive: we don’t make our guests wait to be seated or attended to. We acknowledge each one of them and we make sure they are comfortably seated and serviced in a timely manner. Nothing exceeding two minutes.
We are friendly: we smile at everyone and we ask everyone how they are doing today. We think like hosts.
We have a sense of humor: we don’t take ourselves seriously and if we receive a complaint we recognize it, apologize for it, solve it, and are proactive in making fun of ourselves rather than justifying anything.
We love people: we care about those who walk into HSH, we want them to have the HSH experience at its fullest and we make sure they will always want to come back again - coz they matter to us.
Our welcome mantra as guests walk in the door is : WELCOME HOME!

  • Alexander Fleming, Beirut, Lebanon